Thursday, 27 March 2014

Throw Back Thursday | Fragment

It's Throw Back Thursday and I thought this would be a fun way of sharing some of my pre-blog quilting projects. 

I had a envisioned a quilt made from bars of fabric that seem to be fracturing, breaking apart and diffusing into smaller bits.  Thus the name Fragment.  

The plan was that that this quilt would end up as a wall hanging for my living room, so I pulled together some neutral grays along with a few pops in colour that suit my decor and personal style.  On thing that didn't go as planned: I intended to hang it horizontally above the sofa, but as things progressed it became clear that this quilt was made to be vertical.  So instead it hangs in a previously bare patch of wall beside the TV and makes a great focal point when you enter the room.  

I echo quilted the bars and a few random squares on my home machine, and I hand quilted the leaf/teardrop shapes.  I absolutely love hand quilting, but I'm also impatient so mixing the two techniques works for me.  I backed the quilt in an olive and white Ikat print, which you can clearly see showing through to the front on the image below.  Note to self: get better at photography!  

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think this is a fantastic wall hanging and I am sad you didn't use a pattern, but designed it yourself (Kidding, just stinking jealous I will not be able to reproduce using the same pattern? Are you considering writing this one down and making it into a pattern?? Thanks for sharing

  2. Love the handquilting you incorporated into this. You did a beautiful job. And I don't know about the improving photography: I like seeing the Ikat peeking through. And that blue sky!