Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finished | Improv Taggie Blankie

Hello again!

I've finally got a finished 2014 project that I can share!  I actually probably shouldn't be sharing this yet since it's a gift that hasn't made it's way to it's new owner, but since no one reads this blog - not even my mom - I figure it's safe!

I mentioned my Bestie, Christine's wedding in this post - well guess what? They had a baby last week!  A sweet little girl!

Of course, I had to make something quilt-ish for this little one, but Christine's mom is a very talented quilter and I knew she had made Baby a quilt already, so I decided on a Taggie quilt.  I'm told that babies love those little ribbon tags so I worked up this quick little blankie using the quilt-as-you-go method. Instead of the usual binding, I joined the front and back wrong sides together, turned the thing right-side out and topstitched, while tucking in the ribbon tags on each end.  This blankie is small, about 24"x36", sized to suit a car without being overly bulky, and once she starts toddling around it's small enough that she can drag it around with her wherever she goes, much like everyone's favourite Peanuts character, Linus.

I initially planned on an improv style with more evenly distributed chunks of fabric, but I came to really love the asymmetry of this layout, with longer strips on one side and shorter bits on the opposite side.  That's the beauty of improv - you just never know what you'll come up with.

I had so much fun mixing and matching fabrics for this quilt.  This detail shot features some Glimma, Botanics, Acacia, Alison Glass Feathers and many others that I can't name or that don't have selvages.  Note to self: Keep better track of fabrics/designers when stocking up the stash.  Fun combo though, don't you think?

Happy Hug A Cat Day! (yup, it's a thing)

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  1. Neat! I'm sure she'll be happy to chew it :-)