Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer Wrap Up

What happened to August? Or July even?  This summer has been a blur for me, I hope it's been a fantastic one for you!

I may not have done a tonne of sewing this summer, but I did get up to some quilty shenanigans these past months...

1.  I'm wrapping up this quilt for my nephew.  This is bordering on a fail on my part since the little guy was due to arrive 2 days ago.  He's still hanging in (literally) and I'm determined that he'll be welcomed into the world with a finished quilt.  

2.  I started reading Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood which doesn't seem quilty at all, except that each of the chapters is titled with the name of a traditional quilt block and is accompanied by an image of the block.  I've already started dreaming up my next quilt project, which will feature the Young Man's Fancy block.

3.  I headed out to Ottawa for vacation, where among other things, I did a little shopping at Mad About Patchwork's new brick-and-mortar shop!  I've always had a great experience shopping from them online but it's nothing like seeing the fabrics in person, and they've got such a great loft space that's filled with natural light.  The owner, Pam, happens to be my sister's best-friend's mother-in-law's next door neighbor!  Small world, eh?!

4.  Fancy is finally finished! Finally! Gahhh!  This one took forever but I'm thrilled with the end result.  If you're so inclined, you can read about the sometimes painful progress in this WIP post and about the finished quilt in this post.  

5.  My Pedal Pusher quilt was sold at a silent auction to support CanPKU and my Brother-in-Law's bike ride across Canada.  I never learned the final amount that the quilt sold for, which is probably a good thing, because I doubt it was anywhere near the value of the quilt.  The good news is that overall, the ride raised over $60,000 - far exceeding the original goal of $25,000!

So, those are some of my quilty activities this summer, looking forward to more quiltyness this fall.

Happy Labour Day!

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  1. Love the pops of mustard or saffron or gold in your future nephew's quilt - very nice! And your Fancy is stunning.
    How funny about the quilt blocks feature in a Margaret Atwood novel!

  2. Love the mix of blocks in your nephew's quilt! Thanks for the tip about the Margaret Atwood book - I haven't read that one yet and had no idea it had anything to do with quilts.

  3. Wow, "Fancy" looks really great. And I love the sampler. Great balance, colors etc.

  4. Oh wow! Your nephew's quilt is gorgeous. I totally love it! x

  5. wow, I was going to say how much I love your nephew's quilt, then I saw Fancy, so I have to say i love them both. Congrats on the silent auction too, that's a lot of money to raise and you contributed.

  6. I love the Drunkards Path quilt. It's especially striking in black and white. I'm glad you persevered with it. The baby quilt is wonderful. Did you have a pattern or did you design it yourself?

  7. Fancy is simply stunning! Very elegant and your quilting is beautiful!