Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WIP | Hex-Crazed

You know that point when you're nearing the end of a project, particularly a long-term project, and the completion of said project becomes an all-consuming obsession that occupies your every waking thought and haunts your dreams? Yup, that's where I'm at!

I'm working on the final edge of my "I'm Too Hexie" (aka "Hexie and I Know It", aka "Hexual Healing" aka "Hexie Back") quilt top and it's so close to being done I can taste it! The pieces above are all I have left to join to one another then join to the rest of the quilt top.

I've been so obsessed lately I've actually resorted to bringing my EPP supplies to work so I can squeeze a few sewing minutes into my lunch break.  My colleagues think I'm nuts, and maybe I am.  

Those of you who are keen observers will have noticed that both of my quarter diamonds are the same handing - two lefties and no righties.  *Sigh* I'll have to rip and re-work some of that red one, which is a real drag when you have Finish Fever. 

I'm linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the hexies! Your colours are great! I totally get the obsessiveness about it, I've been super tempted to bring hexies to work too!

  2. Your hexies look fabulous!
    I love stitching hexies too, and I stitch them on the train to work most mornings. I get lots of funny looks and some questions.

  3. how exciting to be so close to finishing! I look forward to the big reveal

  4. This is looking very nice, who cares about what others think as long as you are having fun!!