Tuesday, 14 July 2015

WIP | Postage Stamp Quilt

A while back I received an excited phone call from my BFF, Christine.  She had seen a Postage Stamp quilt in a magazine and was smitten with the concept. I wish I could tell you which magazine she was referring to, but I don't know.   All I know is that the quilt featured 8000 different fabrics - Holy Cats!  

Anyway, Christine came up with the brilliant plan that we each make a Postage Stamp quilt, and when we cut up our little squares of fabric we cut extras and swap them with the ultimate goal of not repeating fabrics.  This way we don't have to commit to growing our stashes a hundredfold and we get an occasional fun surprise in the mail.  

FYI - Postage Stamp Quilts feature a patchwork of relatively small squares, usually 1"-2.5".  Because we are a little bit loopy, Christine and I are making quilts with 1" x 1" finished squares, which means each 12" x 12" finished block will be made up of 144 pieces. The other challenge is that we're aiming to have zero repeating fabrics (known as a Charm Quilt). Yes, this is going to be a long term project, but on the plus side it's a 2 for 1 deal on the quilty bucket list. 

I've been combining the fabrics in a semi-random fashion, aiming to pair contrasting values in a checker board pattern. I think I'll also add in some strips of solid fabric (I'm undecided on colour but am thinking black or navy) to break up the chaos and help speed up the finish. 

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  1. Oh my goodness that is going to be quite the project. I am having so much fun looking through your fabrics already (I love the sock monkey fabric - my mom made a quilt for my brother using it as he is a "code monkey", oh dear... I'm sidetracked). I really love that you are tag teaming this with a friend, too!

  2. What I great idea and use of extra fabric. I keep saying I'm going to cut my scraps into small squares to do something like this, but never get around too it. And teaming up with friends to get more of a variety is a good idea too. The last scrappy quilt I made didn't feel so scrappy because I felt like I was using the same fabrics.

  3. Best of luck. I'm making a postage stamp type of quilt but I'm using 2" squares. I've a box on my cutting table where I pop some squares in each time I cut some fabric for my projects

  4. I've tried to make two quilts (Gypsy Wife and Project of Doom) with no repeating fabrics, but failed both times. I don't have a good system to keep track of which fabrics I've already used and end up with at least one fabric used twice.

  5. So glad I read this...1. I have always loved, and wanted to do, a postage stamp quilt. Great idea to share 1" squares, and whoa Nelly, 144 per 12" block!! and 2. it reminded me to link up my post from yesterday! Good deal as there are some sweet prizes! 3. really got a nice massage for my creativity looking at all your cool fabrics. :-)

  6. That's insane! But it will be gorgeous. Bravo and thanks for sharing at #scraptastictuesday