Thursday, 6 August 2015

#TBT | Grandma's Garden Quilt

Today's Throwback Thursday is an extra special one, and also an extra difficult one.  

When my Grandma moved into a nursing home a couple years ago, my sister and I teamed up to make her a quilt as a housewarming gift. We got together to shop for the fabrics, choosing prints with lots of bright colour and floral motifs. Grandma had always loved her garden so we wanted to make a quilt that would reflect her passion. 

Sarah and I each made ten 12" x 12" blocks using the fabrics we'd purchased, plus some coordinating stash bits thrown in for good measure. There's a healthy mix of traditional blocks and modern, improv-ish blocks. We arranged the blocks and pieced them together. My sister FMQ-ed an all over stipple and then I completed the quilting with some hand-stitched birds.  The finished size is about 48" x 60" - large enough to be snuggly without being too heavy or cumbersome. 

Between the flowers, the birds, the butterflies and the riot of vivid colour, this quilt reminds me of Grandma's garden, her love for nature and her vibrant personality. Grandma was thrilled with the gift and featured it prominently in her suite. 

Sadly, Grandma passed away on July 25th. She was a wonderful woman and I will miss her terribly. 

My aunts offered the quilt back to my sister and I, and since I'm Grandma's namesake, we thought it fitting that I keep the quilt. I'm so grateful for the gift and the small measure of comfort it's brought me over the past week. It's probably my imagination, but I'm convinced that it still smells like her. 

Sorry for the downer this week, guys. I promise more cheeriness next time. 

Jen at Quarter Inch from the Edge has started up a brand new Throwback Thursday linky party which I'll be joining. Please stop by and check out the projects, and while you're there why not link up a project from your archives too?

Happy Thursday,


  1. It's not a downer to read about the love, care, and thought you put into a quilt for your grandmother. I am definitely sorry to hear of your loss. I know that getting the quilt back would mean so much to me, and I vote for the fact you can still smell your grandmother on the quilt. xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother, Lizzy. The love you and your sister poured into her quilt shines. It is beautiful! The comfort you receive back from the quilt makes it come full circle as I am sure it provided much comfort to your grandmother. I love that you can still smell her on the quilt.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. Love the hand stitched birds so much. My grandmother never got to see the quilt I made for her but I know she would have loved it.

  4. I'm sorry you've lost your grandmother. I'm sure you can feel her in that quilt though xx

  5. I think it's a lovely thing that you loved your grandmother so much that you made a quilt to ease her transition to a new phase in her life. And that it came back to you is quilt karma. There was extra love sewn in and it came back to you. It's a lovely project (and not a downer at all!). Thanks for linking up!

  6. So sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing, Liz. It is not your imagination that the quilt smells of her; my dad's dressing gown smelled of him for well over a year (my youngest daughter snagged it and hauled it from Alberta to Ontario with her), and I would go over to my mum's and stuff my head in his closet just to smell him again...smell is a very strong sensory perception to invoke memories. The memories you have may seem painful now, but they will come to comfort you and make you smile. How wonderful that your sister let you keep this happy quilt. Love the handquilted birds.