Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WIP | Vintage HSTs

I enjoy the occasional thrift shop treasure hunt, and each time I go hunting I can't resist checking out the old linens and craft supplies.  Over the years, I've accumulated a stash of vintage textiles and I decided that it's time I worked those textiles into a quilt.  FYI - other great sources for vintage fabrics are: yard sales, Etsy, and my personal favourite: Mom's 1980's era craft supply hoard.  

I decided on a simple design - HSTs paired with Kona Bleached White.  The crisp white contrasts nicely with the sometimes muddy vintage colour combos, and the negative space balances well with the busy patterns.  In order to minimize the chaos factor, I've created blocks constructed of 4 matching HST units.  

I'm liking the way these block look set on point - but what to do about the setting triangles around the edges?  Maybe a pale apricot? pistachio green? or keep it simple with more white?  Thoughts or suggestions are most welcome and appreciated!  

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Happy Wednesday!

PS: It feels wrong to consider the eighties vintage, doesn't it?


  1. I would probably audition the other colors for the edge triangles but end up using white, myself. It does feel odd to say the 80s are vintage. Wow...

  2. I even have difficulty with thinking of 60's fabrics as vintage. I think pistachio and apricot would both lend the quilt a little more of that vintage feeling.

  3. I like the groups of four triangles set on point in contrast with the white. I lean toward white edge triangles, but like Yvonne says, you may audition another color and KNOW it is the right choice.

  4. Your 'vintage' triangles are very pretty! I love the idea of either the apricot or pistachio green to keep that vintage-y feeling, but I have learnt from experience, it may be best to audition all contenders!

  5. I think the white is the best choice.

  6. I think they look awesome set on point. As for the setting triangles, I might go something other than white just to set the white off more. . . if that makes sense. I agree with the others though - auditioning your other colors is a great idea - and maybe walking past it for a day or two with the various choices :)