Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Finished | Vintage HST Quilt

One of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is scouring second-hand shops for hidden treasures.  Along with the furniture gems I've uncovered, I've also had some success in collecting vintage textiles.  After accumulating a decent collection, I decided it was time to finally put those fabrics to use in a quilt!

I kept the design quite simple - HST units, pairing vintage with solid white. The blocks consist of 4 matching HSTs to unify the otherwise incoherent mix of colour and pattern.  The blocks were set on-point and I used Kona Green Tea for the setting triangles.  The green feels right at home with the vintage prints, yet is also fresh. 

I found a vintage sheet for the backing, and quilted using straight lines to complete the look.  For such a simple quilting design, there really was a ridiculous number of treads to bury (which is largely the reason why it took me so unbelievably long to complete what really is a simple quilt!)  The binding is a vintage stripe/cross-hatch/polka-dot print...not the most attractive fabric on it's own, but works quite nicely as a binding!

My favourite thing about this quilt is the fun assortment of prints and the unconventional colour combos!  Don't you think this looks like the perfect picnic quilt?  Once the weather gets a little warmer I'll have to take it out and test that theory!  

This is my third finish from my Quarter 1 list of goals for the Finish Along.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Tutorial | Log Cabin Plus Block

This year I'm participating in the Stash Bee, and April is my month as Queen Bee (shout out to Hive 8!!).  
I wanted to come up with a block that had lots of negative space, with a graphic punch.  I also wanted to create something that would be simple to piece, but not so simple that it's boring.  Plus, it's no secret that I love log cabins.  This block is a nice combo of all those elements.  

This tutorial will yield 1 block with an unfinished size of 15 1/2", and takes about 45 minutes to assemble from start to finish.  There are so many ways you could play with fabric selection and colour placement to make this design your own.


Cut the following pieces of white (Background) fabric:
(Qty 4) 3" x 3"
(Qty 4) 3" x 5 1/2"
(Qty 4) 3" x 8"

Cut the following pieces of black (Plus) fabric:
(Qty 4) 3" x 3"
(Qty 4) 3" x 5 1/2"

Use a quarter inch seam allowance for all piecing, and press all seams open.
Steps 1 through 4 describe the piecing directions  for one quadrant.  You will need to create 4 quadrants for each block.  As a time-saving tip, I recommend chain piecing all 4 quadrants at the same time, in which case you can skip step 5.

Step 1
Join a black 3" x 3" square to a white one.  press the seam open. (pictured below)

Step 2
Sew a black 3" x 5 1/2" piece to a long edge of the unit created in Step 1. (pictured above)

Step 3
Working clockwise, sew a white 3" x 5 1/2" piece to the edge of your work from Step 2.  This piece should be touching the end of the black strip that was added in Step 2, as well as the white square from Step 1.  (pictured below)

Step 4
Add a white 3" x 8" strip, perpendicular to the piece that was added in Step 3.  The result should be a square Log Cabin that is 8" x 8".  (pictured above) 

Step 5
Repeat Steps 1-4 three times to create a total of 4 Log Cabin quadrants. 

Step 6
Arrange your quadrants as pictured, so that the black pieces create a plus sign.  Sew the top two quadrants together, and the bottom two quadrants. This will create 2 rows that are 8" x 15 1/2".  Take care to match your seams so that the edges of the "pluses" are aligned. 

Step 7
Join the top and bottom rows, to create your finished block!

Happy Sewing!!