About Me

Hi, I'm Liz!  

I've been exposed to crafty things and sewing all my life.  One thing my mom taught me early on was the value of a hobby that you love.  For me, that hobby is quilting.

My very first patchwork exposure came as part of a grade 7 class on using a sewing machine.  We were given strips of fabric and taught how to sew them into a Log Cabin block.  It was love for me! And to this day, Log Cabins of all sorts are still my most favourite blocks.

In high school, I took to garment sewing.  Fun fact about me: I'm super tall. So tall, that it was near impossible for me to buy pants that were long enough. Instead, I bought fabric and patterns, altered the leg lengths and made my own pants.  Sometimes, you just have to be resourceful!  I've since found a few retailers that make clothes in my size, so my garment sewing skills are no longer needed.  

I made my first quilts in the early 2000's, then took a break from quilting until 2011.  That's when I discovered the vibrant online modern quilting community and I fell in love with quilting all over again.  I've learned so many new styles and techniques in the last few years, and gained oodles of inspiration from so many talented bloggers.  My hope is that I can pass that on, and maybe offer some inspiration to others out there.

I live in London, Ontario - a great city that's not too big or too small, and I'm an Interior Designer for a busy firm that designs and implements commercial interiors.  I live for the creative process, and enjoy applying design principles to my quilting.

Thanks for stopping by!